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''Iwand Samuray'' Resolution New Year's Eve to Sabet A myriad of Achievements

New year's Eve. Yes, it's time to make new resolutions that will
reached in one year to the next. That is the meaning of new year for
Iwand Samuray. The man known as one of the judges in the
the title of the prestigious national contest body from Ultimate Nutrition
these very carefully in terms of maintaining form
his body to keep it burly and muscular.

Not easy to maintain her body
that became the dream of many people, especially the fitness mania.
For those born in Padang, West Sumatra, the more difficult
maintain rather than getting. For that, though
in the middle of a busy as a personal trainer, himself remains
took a few hours to workout. The exercise pattern
often a grip for the Iwand is an exercise with
high intensity. That is, a burdens the exercise plus maximum
Perhaps, contrary to any sets and reps are more reduced.

In this manner, the exercise he does will have an impact
faster to add muscle size and mass.
Iwand also confirmed that the formation of the body
not just when exercise but also when you
consuming food every day. For that, the Iwand suggest
to fitness mania in order to keep your calorie intake in accordance with
needs. Menu favourites Iwand is all that
contains a high protein source. No exception is also sayursayuran
that has fiber and multivitamin.

Consistency in applying a healthy lifestyle
cannot thus be futile. Iwand prove it with a myriad of achievements reached in 2014. Nothing much
the largest, himself won the Championship of bodybuilding
international level by grabbing gold medals in the 70 kg Class
organized by the International Federation of Body Building
and Fitness (IFBB) in Hong Kong in July last year. No
satisfied until there, also topped the Iwand champion the same scene
internationally, namely champion under 70 kg Mr. Just Fitness (Asia
The 2014 open) in Malaysia.

Although the product is very
boast for himself and the nation of Indonesia, but it
could not then make it complacency. In fact, in the years
This itself has 2015 target to follow kejuaraankejuaraan
the same international level more
height. The focus for the moment, the Iwand mental preparation
his physical and to follow a POUND in West Java. Although new
held 2016, but Pre-pound will be held on the Moon
September 2015.

In the new year, more intense himself do
exercise and not forget taking supplements to support
performance. For the Iwand, supplements are the main support for the
maintaining his body to keep the stump and fit. Prostar
100% Whey Protein, Iso Mass Xtreme Gainer, Creatine Monohydrate,
Amino 2000, BCAA, Tribulus Terrestris and ZMA, DHEA,, is
Some supplements the regular bodybuilder options menguncir
her hair is.

Lastly, the Iwand want told to Fitness Mania for
always passionate in doing exercises. Because, the shape of the body
ideal complete with his sculptures would not be formed only
with one night only. It takes sacrifice time, energy,
the mind, and the cost to get it. Consistency and discipline
is the key.

Well, success is always Bang Iwand! (gie)

• Name: Iwand Samuray
• Place & birth date: field, August 18
• Height: 167 cm
• Weight: On Season: 70 kg; Off Season: 78 kg
• Employment: Self-employed
• Muscle Favorites: Deltoid (Shoulder)
• Gym Practice: Samuray Gym, Padang
• Hobbies (other than fitness): Travelling

Silver Medal-Under 70 kg Event, RCC
Gold Medal-POUNDS 70 kg, Riau
-A Gold Medal Kejurnas OTT, Jakarta
-70 kg Class gold medal at the International Federation of Body Building
and Fitness (IFBB) 2014, Hongkong
-Champion Under 70 kg Mr. Just Fitness (Asian open) 2014, Malaysia

Source: Sportindo The Magz

'''Ari Mustikawati'' Hard Work Could Not Possibly Treason

The myths that developed in the world of fitness often becomes
the cause of why many women are reluctant to train his body
in the gym. Afraid his body muscular like a man being one of
the main cause. However this does not apply for Ari
Mustikawati. Yes, Yogyakarta, born August 14, 1981
It has been proved that women could also cultivate
the world of fitness and train your body to have the form
the perfect body.

Women who often greeted disclosing the Ari,
women should also implement a healthy lifestyle. One of them
by practicing up to gained more body shape
beautiful and charming. Just like other women, before
He is a little afraid to train his body. Scared if her body
the more muscular like most men. However, after her
join to become a member at a gym, finally
himself realized that the myth was created by women
as a pretext because her lazy to exercise.

Women are more likely to store the bags
the fat on his body. That's what causes Ari should practice
with a burning passion. Body parts are often
dilatihnya is the shoulder, back, and abdominal. Train parts
the body is very important. This is for the sake of supporting
his performance so that it is always sexy and charming.

Women interested in the color green also
reveal, when working in this new world of fitness itself
also had done some mistake. Before her
just practicing cardio, without balanced with other exercises.
To this end, now her conscious starting by changing the
the method of his training with exercise weights five days
a week, and add to it with as many as 30 minutes cardio
After doing exercises.

It's not just exercise, but pay attention to the intake
food is also considered important by Ari. According to him, the food
get into the mouth will also reflect the shape of her body. That's
Why does Ari always sort the food dikonsumsinya each
today. The method of diet that Ari is sharing by using the diet
high in protein and low in carbohydrates. For carbs
Rice also is not chosen as usual. Her preferred
replace it with red rice, and other tubers.

To maximize the formation of his body being
Slim and sexy, Ari is also not hesitate taking any supplements.
According to him, the supplement is supporting from exercise and diet
He was doing. Fulfillment of the nutrients cannot be fulfilled every
day, supplements can overcome it. To that end, the women
Choose supplements Amino BCAA and 2000 from Ultimate Nutrition.

After a long wrestle the world of fitness and
do exercise, the body gradually transformed to Ari
a slimmer shape, ideal, and awesome. Trust
her ever growing. Finally, her trying
his luck by following 2014 Roadshow Jakarta, UBC
in December 2014. And true, thanks to their hard work that
It is not possible treason, eventually managed to make himself
himself as the winner for the category of Female. Ari seems to have
Open the eyes of many women, that a woman can also
plunge into the world of fitness to Excel in the field of
the same. (gie)

Source: Sportindo The Magz
Lowongan JC.Ransom & Manna Januari 2016

Lowongan JC.Ransom & Manna Januari 2016


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. Pekerja Keras

· Pria/Wanita
· Berpengalaman Dibidang Restorant/Perhotelan
· Memiliki Kendaraans Sendiri, Memiliki Sim C
· Bersedia Ditempatkan Di Pekanbaru, Duri, Pangkalan Kerinci,Dumai,Palembang
. Pekerja Keras

· Pria/Wanita
· Berpengalaman Dibidang Retail,Pengorderan Barang
· Memiliki Kendaraans Sendiri, Memiliki Sim C
· Bersedia Ditempatkan Di Pekanbaru,Pangkalan Kerinci
. Pekerja Keras

· Wanita
· Berpengalaman Dibidang Minimarket
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. Pekerja Keras

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