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Lowongan Family Box Nangka Januari 2016

Lowongan Family Box Nangka Januari 2016


Dibutuhkan Karyawan.


2.Curiculum Vitae (CV)
4.FC.Ijazah Terakhir

Lamaran langsung di antar ke:
Family Box Nangka
Jln. Tuanku Tambusai No.506
Tlp. 0761-572323

Hari /Tanggal          : Sabtu,9 Januari 2016
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New blow for Successful Dieting

There are two possibilities about the causes of the failure of the diet
You. That is, the wrong diet program or yourself.
Success factors in doing the diet is
discipline of yourself. Perbanyaklah information
about the method of proper diet and not torture. The diet will be more
successfully if you do so voluntarily.

Here are 10 tips on diets that you should pay attention.

1. Must calories out more of the calories in. ..
Obviously, if your goals do the diet program is to
lose weight, then the calories that enter must be more
a little compared to the number of calories you burn.

2. Accelerate the metabolism of your body. Simple habits can
Accelerate Your body's metabolism. Like drinking a glass of
white water when you wake up in the night. In doing so,
your body can work faster to burn a lot of

3. Learn to be honest. Diligence of calorie counting is
the most required in undergoing diet program. Honesty
and discipline is the key to success will be
bring you get the body lean and proportioned.

4. Choose the source of good fats. Good fats will not make
You're getting fat, but instead make your body
healthy and fit. Sources of good fats found in foods,
such as olive oil, and fish oils rich in omega 3.

5. Eat more often with a little Portion. In fact, a diet that
good diet is that keep us full. Because of that, a good diet recommends that you more often
packed, but by remaining attentive to the intake of nutrition and

6. do not Perform Anti-lifting weights. Useless if
You have a proportional body, but no a muscle
that appear on your body. That is, you must
do exercise free weights to form muscle mass
the beautiful and awesome.

7. avoid alcohol. Consuming large amounts of alcohol
not only is the risk of obesity, but also tend to suffer from
a decrease in testosterone levels up to seven to ten percent

8. Multiply cardio exercises. Basically, the cardio is indeed
perfect for those wishing to lose weight.
Don't just do cardio exercises by being in the gym,
but once in a while do outdoors as well as swimming,
cycling, and many more types of cardio exercise that

9. create a schedule of food Menu. In order to keep the focus on the main goal,
It's good you make every meal schedule
day. This is to suppress your desire in consuming
unhealthy foods.

10. More soy consumption. Soy contains many
Once the protein. That is why you need to mengonsumsinya
to increase the intake of the nutrients in your body.
We wish to pay attention to the tips above, may
Make Your diet program is successful. (gie)

Source: Sportindo The Magz
Lowongan Kebun Bunga Virosya Januari 2016

Lowongan Kebun Bunga Virosya Januari 2016


Dibutuhkan karyawan untuk kebun bunga,
-      Pria,
-      umur maksimal 30 tahun,
-      islam,
-      belum menikah,
-      tidak suka mengeluh,
-      Tamatan terserah.

-      gaji pokok+gaji tambahan+makan pagi siang malam disediakan + tempat tinggal disediakan+libur 2X sebulan.

Berminat silahkan datang langsung
Kebun Bunga Virosya
jl.paus 88 pekanbaru (jika dari jl.arifin ahmad masuk jl.paus maka posisi kita sesudah jembatan pertama sebelah kanan)

Hari /Tanggal          : Sabtu,9 Januari 2016
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